Kelowna, British Columbia





Western Canadian Artist



Some Sources of My Paintings


"The drawings in my old sketch books are all concerned with living creatures and their surroundings, Indians, animals, children.

In southern Alberta, when I was small, the Indians camped all summer beside the Old Man River. The tipi's were painted with the strong images of Indian mythology. There was leisurely day-long activity. These people had a strength of their own. Their lives were real. I filled many pages with drawings of riders, old woman, and Indian children.

Later, in North Wales, I lived in an old house ornamented with the lions and wyverns of European heraldry. Power and mystery still emanated from these heroic shapes created long ago. Occasionally I painted fantasies in which they still occur.

Space forbids listing the painters who, like Arthur Lismer, have been for me a source of creativity and to whom I am deeply indebted.

At present I design stage - sets and theatre masks. I do book illustrations with Indian themes.

I have paintings in public buildings and private collections and have exhibited in various galleries and centres across Canada, including the National Gallery.

Several times a year I visit the Indians of Northern B.C.. Among them I recognized that things I had hitherto expressed satisfactorily only in my sketch books were happening on my canvases. It was as though the Indians themselves were informing me, expressing their sense of continuity and communion between all things living, and between life and death. This, I hope, is communicated in my paintings."